Mr. Taylor Llewellyn

  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Lowell High School
(541) 937-2124

About Me

I graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and for the next ten years had a career as an actuarial analyst and a pension plan administrator. During this time I was able to gain the unique opportunity to experience how math is used in the "real world." I found the ability to use mathematical tools and reasoning to efficiently solve problems was the most useful part of mathematics. Rarely was math ever about memorizing formulas. It is about making mathematical connections to reason through problems.

My real passion is teaching mathematics. I earned a Masters of Science in Mathematics Education from Oregon State University. I am excited to use my experience and education to help my students be successful with understanding mathematics.
If you would like to know anything else about me, please feel free to ask. I believe it is important for my students to get to know me.