Lowell, Fall Creek Education Foundation

We’re on the move…

The newly revitalized Foundation Board has rolled up their sleeves and gotten to work on some exciting new initiatives.  Read all about it in the Strategic Plan. Board members have approved an initial Projects List and would like your feedback.  Specifically, if there’s a project you would like to champion – let us know!  Or, if you have resources and/or contacts that could help us with any of these or a new one you would like to propose, please email the Alumni & Friends Association address below. 

Foundation Board Members

– Sharon Carroll, President
– Diane Stephens, Vice President
– Donna McCallum
– Maureen Weathers
– Warren Weathers

For more information about the Foundation Board, please review the Foundation Bylaws.


Thank you to all
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Hall of Fame Celebration!

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The Alumni & Friends of Lowell School District are interested in connecting with all alumni and supporters.  Please email your contact information so you can be invited to upcoming events and notified of important news.  We also want to hear how Lowell graduates are doing and would welcome updates from parents, friends and graduates themselves.  Please send your emails to AAF@Lowell.k12.or.us or call  541-937-2124 or send information to 65 S Pioneer St Lowell, OR 97452.