Senior Spotlight: Carson Gardner

Carson Gardner is looking good in our Senior Spotlight! Carson has been a part of the Lowell School District since his Kindergarten years. He has been active in sports and participated in basketball, football (in Jr. High) and baseball. Carson has been very happy at Lowell and his best memories will be those that revolve around his years of playing basketball with his friends. He enjoyed working in the construction class with Mr. Beard because he (Mr. Beard) made his classes interesting by using humor and he passed on a lot of wise advice to students. Mr. Todd was also a favorite teacher because he has a way of pushing students to do the best they can. Carson’s advice to future students is to avoid getting into trouble with Ms. Graham because she can be scary! Also he advises students to do their work and not procrastinate. Procrastination results in being stuck in the library as a senior playing catch up (which is not fun)! Mr. Gardner will be going to LCC for the next two years to study forestry. Then, he plans to finish out his degree at Oregon State. His future career goal is to become a forester. After graduation, Carson will miss his friends (especially AJ) and will miss his teachers. Carson would like to give a shout out to his family who supported him through his 13 years at Lowell, his girlfriend, Alexis, who also support him and pushed him to get better grades, and to Mr. Beard. Congratulations Carson!