Senior Spotlight: Jacob Neet

The Senior Spotlight shines on Jacob Neet! Mr. Neet had one slam dunk year at Lowell High School! His school year was filled with basketball, track & field, choir, and leadership. His favorite teachers are Mr. Burch and Ms. Cassie for their fun and energetic teaching practices. Jacob was chosen for the “Beat the Odds” Scholarship at the end of the school year which will go a long way in helping him pay for college. After Jacob’s rock solid year at Lowell, his best advice is to not slack on homework, actually study for tests, and to become friends with the women working in the cafeteria. The slushies were a big hit this year! Jacob’s career path after Lowell includes finishing pre-requisites at Lane Community College and to then transfer to Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls for nursing. His goal is to become an Emergency Room Travel Nurse. One of the funniest things that happened to Jacob was when he was playing basketball and Mason “swatted” his shot causing him to get “slammed” to the floor. Jacob Neet’s final shout outs are to Julia for always being there for him and Mr. Burch for being the best!