Ms. Heidi Sawitzke

  • Social Studies Teacher
  • Lowell High School
(541) 937-2124

About Me

  • I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • I have a travel bug... So far I have had the pleasure of living in Australia for six months, studying abroad in England for 4 months, and visiting Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Bulgaria, the Bahamas, Canada, and Mexico. I am eyeing Thailand next
  • I have an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Utah and a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Oregon.
  • I have a passion for teaching, social studies, dancing, writing, and sewing

My Goals for the Social Studies Classroom:

  1. I want to help foster a community of scholars: This means that we all show up prepared to each and every class ready to work and learn together. I am not the sole source of knowledge in this class, all scholars have different skills and knowledge and I want us to benefit from learning from everyone. In order to do this we might have some points where we disagree with one another but in our community of scholars we are going to learn how to respectfully disagree and more than that actually listen to opposing views.
  2. Each student is an individual: We all have our own unique characteristics and so my instruction might change slightly from one student to another. I myself struggle with spelling and grammar because of mild dyslexia, and so I have had to learn how to do things differently than others. We all need to understand that good education takes all kinds and realize that I will do my best to give each individual exactly what they need to improve throughout the year.
  3. We will learn social studies skills: These skills include looking at evidence as in primary and secondary sources, reading and writing in an academic format, understanding geography and how it plays into history, democratic principles, discussing social topics and systems, and producing products good enough to share outside of our classroom.
  4. And finally have fun: This is a typical goal stated by teachers all the world over. I am a very creative person and I love to come up with interactive lessons. My goal is that the scholars in my class come in each day wondering what they will get to do, not have to do.