Senior Spotlight: Haley Riisberg

Haley Riisberg is our featured Senior Spotlight today! While Haley has only attended Lowell for one year, she has made a big impact! She has participated in softball and loves her memories of napping in the library! Her favorite teacher is Mr. Llewellyn because the class was easy and she had “homies” in there. Her advice for future students is, “if your [sic] gunna [sic] be late, make it worth it by getting a muffin or something!” After graduation, Haley plans to work and travel but isn’t set on what she wants as a career quite yet. She is going to miss the breakfast bars the most as well as Ali and Viktoria. She will remember all of the funny conversations from math class! She wants to give a shout out to the teachers’ classes that she was always late for, and is thanks them for not giving her a referral! Good luck Haley in your future and arriving on time! Or at least with a muffin!