Summer Recreation & Fitness Program

The Summer Recreation & Fitness Program will be open to all children ages 7-12. Sessions will run Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, beginning Tuesday, July 5 and ending Friday, August 26. Children participating will be engaged in a variety of fun physical activities to nurture their bodies and minds. The weekly activity themes will range from flag football and soccer, to nature hiking, archery, and fishing. Participants can sign up for every week of the program or register for specific weeks they are interested in attending.

You can register your child as a participant by clicking the online registration button above. The district is also seeking responsible high school students interested in volunteering for the program. Volunteers can receive up to 15 hours of community service credit for each full week they attend. You can apply for your child to be a program volunteer by clicking the online volunteer application button above.


Children attending the program will participate in primarily outdoor activities, with a different theme for each week. Participants will start the morning with breakfast from 9:00 – 9:30 AM. Before starting daily activities, participants will begin each day with a light workout to get warmed up. This will include stretching and a variety of basic calisthenics. After warming up, participants will begin the daily activity, which will be based on the activity theme for the week. Many of the daily activities will take place on the Lundy or Lowell High School fields. Participants will finish the day with lunch at 12:00, and be released by 12:30.