Senior Spotlight: Mackenzie Smith

Shining a Senior Spotlight on Mackenzie Smith! Mackenzie is a long-time Lowell School District student attending from preschool through 12th grade. Mackenzie has been active in track, cross country, volleyball, basketball, and softball. She has also helped with events at the Blackberry Jam and provided service at South Pacific Equestrian Center, South Willamette Vet Clinic and the Greenhill Humane Society. Her reflections of Lowell are that “every day is a new day with both challenges, ease, and accomplishments.” All lessons learned is special to her in their own way. Mackenzie has enjoyed all of her teachers and has felt the most confident with Mr. Beard, Mrs. Beckett and Mrs. Cardwell because they have shown the most interest in her and her needs. The advice that Mackenzie offers is to pursue dreams with pride and dignity. She advises to have humility and “tread carefully with open eyes to new opportunities”. After graduation Mackenzie plans to attend LCC and COCC to become a veterinary technician. She will also pursue life in the equestrian and rodeo world. In way of “Shout Outs”, Mackenzie thanks all of her teachers, friends, family, mentors, and animals for all they have taught her and for caring for her even when she was a “stubborn mule”. She is grateful for their attitudes in “putting up” with her. Congratulations Mackenzie!