Senior Spotlight: Megan Rasmusson

Shining the Senior Spotlight on Megan Rasmusson! Megan has been as student in the Lowell school district from Kindergarten to her high school graduation. She has participated in choir, dance, drama, and summer science camp. Her best memories include singing in choir, performances, and choir competitions. In fact, her funniest memory was when a bird pooped on her shoulder just before the state competition was to take place. After quickly cleaning it off, someone told her it might be a good luck omen. And then, the choir ended up taking 2nd place and making history with their score. Megan will miss her friends and teachers, especially her favorite teacher Mr. Farrier, who made her laugh and taught her a lot. After graduation, she plans to attend Lane Community College to become a nurse. Megan’s shout outs go to her Mom and Grandma for helping her with whatever she needed, her teachers for going out of their way to make sure she learned in the best way she could and Kody for making school interesting! She would also like to thank Ms. Smith for help and giving her good advice! She also thanks God for all the great things He has done for her! Congratulations Megan!