Senior Spotlight: Orren Carter

Senior Spotlight shines brightly for Orren Carter! Orren has been a student at Lowell for 12 years. He has been very active at the school participating in TAG, Link Crew, National Honor Society, and being the “voice of LHS” with morning announcements. Orren’s best memories at school is when the clock hits 3:01 and he is free to go home! His favorite teacher is Mr. Beard who makes fun of him. but has taught him a great deal. Orren’s advice for future students is to work hard at what you do because, believe it or not, it’s a lot more enjoyable and it pays off! After graduation, Orren will study heavy equipment contracting and plans to be work in construction. Orren will miss all of the supportive teachers, Ms. Graham, and the rest of the supportive staff. He will also miss his friends, Kasey, Dayce, Bryce, Mason, Nature, Symon, Kendra, and Miranda. Orren says that the funniest thing that happened in high school was harassing Mr. Beard with Nate in woodshop. He would like to give a shout out to his family, LHS staff, friends, and Ms. Graham. Congratulations Orren!