Senior Spotlight: Tanner Hilterbrant

Today our Senior Spotlight is on Tanner Hilterbrant! Tanner has completed his senior year of high school with Lowell School District and has participated in boys’ volleyball and was food service judge representing Lowell students in Salem. He will miss his buddies, Maxx, Fisher, Luke and Bernie and especially walking through the halls seeing friends. Ms. Sawitzke is his favorite teacher because she is understanding and easygoing. Tanner’s words to future students are that “you will experience exactly what you expect in high school!” Upon completing high school, Tanner plans to attend college, to become an auto body mechanic, rent an apartment, and eventually pursue his aspiration to become a music producer. He would like to give a shout out to Maxx, Fisher, Jeramiah, Bernie, and Raelyn! Congratulations Tanner!