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Class Note - 09/10/18 9 months ago
Welcome to Ms. CJ's English Class. Below (and to the left) is a link to the class calendars, including due dates for assignments. Though the classes generally follow the same timeline, there may be slightly different due-dates depending on pacing. All assignments are posted through Google Classroom. In order to have access this at home, students should go to Google and sign into their Lowell Apps account. This is the same log-in uses to access Chromebooks at school. Additionally, students will be expected to write every day in class as a warm up. These will be collected periodically. Students are expected to complete TWO choice books per quarter, with reflection due dates noted in the calendar. These reflections will be handed out one week prior to their due dates. Grades are based on the following: In-Class Work = 50% Reading Assignments: 30% Writing Growth: 20% Class preparedness (including homework) and participation: 10%


Class Note - 11/06/17 1 year ago
See class page (on the left) for calendar


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