Lowell Jr/Sr High School Students Returning

February 9, 2021

Hello Lowell Jr/Sr High School Families and Students!

We finally have the news we have all been waiting for! We are able to bring our students back to the classroom in a hybrid model for in-person learning beginning Tuesday, February 16, 2021!

The hybrid model being implemented will enable half of the student body, in their assigned cohorts, to attend class in person, Monday through Thursday. Fridays will be reserved for students needing additional instruction and those requesting additional instruction. The second half of the student body will engage in distance learning, following along with in-class instruction during that week. The groups will then rotate, allowing the second group access to in-person instruction while the first group then follows along utilizing distance learning. This model will allow us to continue to follow all spacing guidelines, sanitization schedules and transportation guidelines required by OHA and ODE.

Tomorrow, students and parents will receive information via email outlining the plan for return. This will include cohort assignments and calendars. If you are a parent or guardian of a student enrolled at Lowell Jr/Sr High School and you do not receive this information tomorrow, February 10, via email, please contact the Lowell office at 541.937.2124. If you prefer to not have your student return to in person learning, and have not yet been in contact with the school, please let them know as soon as possible for planning purposes. You will also receive a phone call from the transportation department regarding services. If you have not received by Thursday, please call 541.937.5070.

While we all want to regain some of the normalcy of pre-pandemic life, realize that we are doing our best to make this happen one step at a time. Some may be disappointed that we are not planning full time in-person instruction. With the restrictions and guidelines set forth, that is not possible at this time, but continues to be a goal for us. For others, this move forward will also cause concern and anxiety. We are doing everything we can to maintain the safety of both our staff and students. For this reason, we are continuing to allow options for our students and families to continue with full time distance learning.

At the conclusion of this era, we want to see our students happy, healthy and educated!

Please stay safe, healthy and kind!