Lundy Robotics Team Places 1st

This year the Lundy Elementary Robotics team sent Aidden Williamson, Zac Jenks, Nicky Sotomayor and Ashley Woodhurst to the local First Lego League (FLL) competition in Philomath. FLL promotes science, engineering, and mathematics exploration by teaching students to program and build small robots. The students program the robot to meet challenges, which change year to year depending on the national FLL theme. This year’s theme was “World Class” where the students developed a new way to learn. Our students chose using video to help share and reinforce what they were learning in class about Prime and Composite numbers.

Our students worked very hard for several months programming and building and brought home a first place trophy for Core Values. Core Values promote team spirit, teamwork and cooperation. Congratulations to the Lundy Robotics Team for all of their hard work!