Senior Spotlight: Abaigael Shields

Senior Spotlight: Abaigael Shields! Abaigael has attended Lowell Schools for five years. She has participated in volleyball, softball, band and choir. Her best memories at Lowell were playing sports and doing music with her best friends. Her funniest memory was falling off of the choir stands in Mountain West mass rehearsal. Her favorite teacher was Mrs. B (Beckett) because she “always kept me on my toes and helped me!” Abaigael’s advice for future students is to always try your hardest, no matter how difficult the situation seems. She will miss her amazing teachers and Coach Todd the most when she leaves. After graduation, she plans to explore her options in college and eventually would like to become a residential electrician. Abaigael would like to give a shout out to her family and teachers for pushing her to be great! Good luck in all you do Abaigael, we know you will continue to be great!