Senior Spotlight: Andrew Griffiths

Senior Spotlight: Andrew Griffiths! Andrew attended Lowell Schools for five years. Andrew often helped out with clean up around the school. He enjoyed helping with the band or helping when teachers needed to move classrooms. His favorite memory was just hanging out with his friends in and outside of school. His advice for future students is start strong your first year and stay there, and continue to work hard! His favorite teacher was Ms. Beckett because science is awesome and even if she doesn’t know it, she gave me the small push I needed to pursue my dream career! After graduation he plans to go to LCC and live a happy life. He would like to eventually become a veterinarian. After Andrew leaves Lowell High School, he will miss his best friend and Tayler Allen the most. He would like to give a shout out to everyone, teachers, friends, strangers, and new comers!

Good luck to you Andrew and we have a feeling you are on the way to a very happy life!