Superintendent Update for Lowell Families

March 20, 2020

Lowell Families,

I hope you all are able to cozy up with your families and those you love during this challenging time; I know it’s hard for your kids to be away from school and all of their friends. Please know that the district staff are working almost round-the-clock to find ways for us to support our district family members, our students and their families, and our broader community.  We need to remember that this likely will be a marathon rather than a sprint, so let’s pace ourselves accordingly. Let’s share words of encouragement and humor with one another, and let’s give each other the same kindness and grace that we would love to receive ourselves.

I know one of the most challenging aspects of this entire situation for all of us is how rapidly things are changing, and how ambiguous or confusing information coming from various sources may be.  To that end, I would like to share as much clear information—from the primary sources—as I can at this time, and assure you that more information will be coming to you as it becomes available.

Our Administrative Team wanted to provide some information to you all regarding the most current updates we have related to school operations.  Linked here you will find Executive Order 20-08 from Oregon Governor Kate Brown.  The other site that is super helpful is the FAQ page from the ODE. It can be found at: 

All the direction we are receiving is that Oregon Districts are expected to identify how specific services and supplemental educational supports will be provided to students and families during the extended school closure.  I know (as a parent myself) that you are also extremely anxious and wanting us to launch into the supplemental education services as quickly as possible.

On March 30-31 we will be delivering materials for students to be able to start this new educational process that is “outside the box” to say the least. Teachers should be reaching out to you all to determine what materials you will need to provide the instruction necessary for your child’s learning to continue. We plan to start this new teaching approach on April 1. Further details will be available later next week.

As far as Food Service is concerned, I hope you are all enjoying the free toilet paper! Lunches will continue to be served, as well as breakfasts at Lundy starting March 23. We are also working on a plan to potentially deliver breakfasts and lunches to bus stops, but are waiting on approval from the state. As soon as we receive that information we will share with you as quickly as possible.

Although we have never experienced a situation like this in our lifetimes, please remember to stay strong and don’t forget to laugh. Know you are all in my heart and on my mind.  I want to encourage you to take spring break to truly care for yourselves and those you love. We will get through this challenge the TOGETHER!



Johnie Matthews