Senior Spotlight: Adelaide “Addy” Sirmons

Senior Spotlight: Adelaide “Addy” Sirmons! Addy has been here at Lowell for 4 years. She was a thespian in the Lowell Drama Club. Addy cannot think of one best memory because she loved all of her years in high school! Her favorite teacher is Ms. Beckett because she is always really helpful and Mr. Llewelyn because he made math really fun! Her advice for future students is to stay out of drama (not the class) and get good grades! High School grades matter a lot! She is going to miss all of her teachers and friends in lower grades. Her funniest memory is when Noah threw dust down her shirt during Nexxus class in tenth grade. Addy plans to get a job and attend LCC after high school. She would like to become a math teacher! We wish you the best of luck and we hope your classes are full of students just like you!