Senior Spotlight: Jason Stratis

Today our Senior Spotlight shines on Jason Stratis! Jason has been a major part of the Lowell School District and the after school athletic programs for the last 13 years. Jason participated in basketball, football, track & field, band, choir, brass sextet, and ASB student body. He played a big part in helping Lowell win two state championships in band and 2nd place in choir. Jason’s best memories at Lowell include getting lost in Canada in his freshman year and getting lost in Portland his junior year. His favorite teacher is Mr. Burch because he taught the students more about life, not just music. Jason Stratis advises future students to have fun, especially during their senior year! After graduation, Jason is still figuring out his future career aspirations but right now he plans to go to Lane Community College for either their psychology or electrical programs. Jason will miss all of his friends and most of the teachers when he leaves Lowell. He will always remember, as one of his funniest moments at Lowell, doing a front flip in front of a large crowd and not succeeding! Jason would like to give his shout out to his mom because in his words, “she’s the kind of person I aspire to be”. Congratulations Jason Stratis!