Senior Spotlight: Kerra McSpadden

Sitting in the Senior Spotlight is Kerra McSpadden! Kerra has been in the Lowell School District for the last 7 years. While at Lowell she participated in volleyball, softball, band and choir. Her best memory at Lowell was helping her fellow musicians win the state championships for band both in her sophomore and senior years. Not surprisingly, her favorite teacher is Mr. Burch who helped her find her life passion for music and she appreciates him because he never stops motivating his students. Kerra’s advice to future students is to understand that “high school is what you make it so respect your teachers, love your classmates, and cherish the good times”! When she graduates, Kerra will miss her classmates and anyone who has ever made her laugh or cry. Ms. McSpadden plans to start at LCC and transfer to OSU. Her future career is to become a psychologist. Kerra’s shout outs are to her mom for being her rock, Ms. S. for always pushing students forward, and her friends for keeping school fun. Congratulations Kerra McSpadden!