Senior Spotlight: Tristan Woodhurst

Senior Spotlight is on Tristan Woodhurst! Tristan has been in the Lowell School District for the last 12 years. Tristan has participated in the Boy Scouts, Parks and Recreation Committee, Nerd Club, and Robotics Team. Tristan had too many great memories from Lowell to list! At LHS he appreciated his social science instructor, Ms. Sawitzke, because her classes were hard and challenging. Tristan aspires to attend college after graduation to become a video game designer. After graduation he will certainly miss his friend group at Lowell and advises future students to “keep yourself busy, have fun, and most importantly to maintain your mental and physical health.” Tristan remembers one of the funniest times at Lowell being the time when a shelf almost fell on him. He dodged the shelf as it was falling and miraculously caught it without looking thanks to his “Spidey senses”. Tristan’s literal shout out is for readers to go download his game “Phantom Asteroids” from the Google Play Store! Congratulations Tristan Woodhurst!