Senior Spotlight: Mason Wendt

The Senior Spotlight finds Mason Wendt! Mason joined the Lowell School District six years ago. He participated in football, basketball, baseball, leadership, LINK CREW, and many activities and projects with his church. Mr. Wendt’s best memories were of the trips taken for sports and school, especially the choir/band out-of-state trips which he will remember for the jokes and laughter with his friends. One of his best memories at Lowell was competing at the state level in choir and having Lowell’s choir make history by taking 2nd place at the state championships. Mason’s favorite teachers are Ms. B for helping him through all of high school and Ms. Cassie for all the fun he had in her classes. Some advice from Mason to future students is to not procrastinate and to stay out of the middle of the hallway during passing time. What he will miss the most about high school is the social part of school and his friends. After high school, Mason plans to study nursing and play some baseball. He has aspirations to eventually become a nurse practitioner. Mason’s shout out goes to his parents! Congratulations Mason Wendt!