Senior Spotlight: Nathanial “Nate” Roat

Senior Spotlight: Nathanial “Nate” Roat! Nate attended Lowell for one year and made good use of his time by participating in football, wrestling, and track. His favorite memories come from his sports trips and one memory that stands out was at the Classic trip when he and Kasey went for a two hour run! His funniest memory also involves sports when on his last attempt at state (pole vault), he finally won even though he was 2 feet shorter than his personal best. His favorite teacher is Ms. B (Beckett) because she always made him do what he needed to accopmplish. She made sure he had everything he needed to be successful. Nate’s advice to future students is “don’t procrastinate.” He says that time flies and before you know it, your senior year is over. After graduation, he plans to attend LCC for business and to pole vault for them. He would like to continue to pole vault for as long as his career carries him. He also wants to start his own business and his dream is to some day buy a ranch for his parents. He wants to give shout outs to his mom and dad for the support and all of the staff members. Good Luck Nate! And keep reaching for the top!