Senior Spotlight: Alaina Jo Hadley

Senior Spotlight shines on Alaina Jo Hadley! Alaina attended Lowell for 3 years and was active in the music program. Her favorite teacher was Mr. Parsons because he is the funniest teacher! Her favorite memory was playing ping-pong in Mr. Todd’s class. She will miss Mr. Burch the most! Her advice for future students is to “work hard, play hard.” Her funniest memory was guessing an answer to a question in Mr. Boyle’s class and getting it correct when she wasn’t even paying attention! After graduating, Alaina would like to play music and spend time with her family. Eventually, she would like to have a career in music. She would like to give shout outs to Shari, Mac, her family, Mrs. Beckett, Mr. Beard, Mr. Burch, Mr. Parsons, and Mr. Todd! Good Luck Alaina, and we look forward to hearing where your music takes you!