Senior Spotlight: Patryce Miller

Patryce Miller is in the Senior Spotlight! Patryce attended Lowell Schools for 6 years. She participated in drama, nerd club, band, and choir. Her favorite memory at Lowell is with Mr. Keto and making a “bomb” at school and setting it off. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Farrier because of all the jokes and how she can talk to him. Her advice to future students is to do all the activities and use all the opportunities Lowell teachers have given you. Don’t cause the teachers too much trouble! After graduation, Patryce plans on going to college to major in early education and to eventually become a kindergarten teacher. After she leaves, she will miss Cody, Addy, Chance, and all of her drama and nerd club friends. She would like to give a shout out to all of her fellow seniors of Lowell High: Never give up and never stop being your selves! Best of luck Patryce and we hope your future students take your advice!