Senior Spotlight: Raelynn Trimble

Shining bright in our Senior Spotlight is Raelynn Trimble! Raelynn has been a student in the Lowell School District for 12 years. During her high school career she has participated in volleyball, basketball, softball, choir and powderpuff football. Her favorite memories of Lowell were finding her best friends and her favorite teacher is Mr. Burch. Raelynn’s advice to future students is that it is okay to not know exactly know what you want to do for future careers because you have time to figure it out. After graduation, Raelynn plans to study at LCC and figure out her career aspirations. The people that Raelynn will miss the most are her friends Ali, Tanner, and Tori. One of Raelynn’s funniest memories was when her friend Ali tried to jump on Devin’s back. Devin ducked and Ali “face-planted” on the baseball field. She gives her shout out to her friend Ali! Congratulations Raelynn!