Senior Spotlight: Taylor Crawford

Sitting in the Senior Spotlight is Taylor Crawford! Taylor enrolled in the Lowell School District five years ago and had fun playing volleyball and softball as well as being a part of the Leadership Class, Link Crew and helping with ASB activities. Taylor had many great memories while playing after school sports at the high school. One great memory she has was when one of her fellow schoolmates ran into the school with cleats, lost his footing, and slipped while rounding the corner past the doors. The student was not hurt, but his laughter at himself was what made it funny. Taylor’s advice to future students is to have great attendance records and she recommends not procrastinating your classwork! One of the funniest things that happened to Taylor in high school was when she dyed her hair a bright blue and it lasted for three months! Taylor will miss Mrs. Beckett the most because no matter how much she bugged her, she always helped Taylor when she needed it! She will attend LCC in the fall and eventually plans to transfer to OSU to become a dental hygienist. Taylor’s shout out goes to her mom and dad for motivating her through life and school and encouraging her through hard times! Congratulations Taylor Crawford!