Senior Spotlight: Ali Zaniroli

Ali Zaniroli is in the Senior Spotlight today! Ali has been a student at Lowell for the last four years of her academic career. Ali’s best memories were playing softball and having some good laughs with her friends at school every day. Her favorite teacher from Lowell was Ms. Beckett because she always offered support and helped her with school and any other personal issues. She always gave Ali good advice and made time for her. Ali’s advice for future students is to always ask for help from a teacher. She says that “no matter what, the teachers at Lowell are always willing to help you with both academics and personal matters.” In the near future, Ali plans to attend Lane Community College to become a medical assistant or dental hygienist. One of Ali’s funniest memories at Lowell High School was when she and Raelynn attended freshmen summer school and Mr. Llewellyn gave everyone in the class melted gummy bears! Ali wants to also give a big shout out to her parents, her older sister, Baylee, and her best friend, Raelynn Trimble. Congratulations Ali!