Senior Spotlight: Hannah Van Winkle

Hannah Van Winkle is today’s Senior Spotlight!  Hannah has been in the school district for eight years, and her high school activities include drama, choir, band, Jr. High basketball. One of her fondest memories was the choir trip to San Francisco when 20 or more choir students shared a hot tub, singing songs and having fun.  Her favorite teachers include Mr. Burch and Ms. CJ because they both supported her and were very active in guiding her to explore her interests and passions. Hannah said that she will miss all of her underclassmen friends who have supported her and accepted her as well as teachers who she’s had in the last few years. One of her funniest moments was during the Powder Puff football game when Coach Todd forgot she was playing, and during practice she had a “Charlie Brown” moment and missed the ball, falling in a big puddle of mud. She’s still planning her future, and she has some advice for future students: “Take your time; there isn’t any reason to rush. You don’t need to worry about making the big decisions right now. You have your whole life to figure everything out, just take one step at a time.” She plans to work and move forward building a path of her own.