Senior Spotlight: Izaac Crotwell

Today’s Senior Spotlight shines on Izaac Crotwell! Izaac joined LHS his senior year, and has made some fast friends during that time. He especially enjoyed participating in Lowell’s spirit weeks (Though don’t ask him about things he can do with gymnastic ribbons!) and going out to lunch with his friends. Izaac loves all his teachers, but Ms. B, Ms. Day, and Mr. Boyle top the list. After high school, Izaac plans to pursue a phlebotomist’s certification and would like to travel and live internationally. To future students, Izaac says, “Procrastination will happen. The key to high school is learning to procrastinate the perfect amount.” He wants to send a shout-out to Nicole, Chyanne, and Matt: “You were the greatest friends I’ve had the pleasure of making. I hope we don’t grow apart. Thank you for all the laughs and panicked stress sessions.” Congratulations, Izaac!