Senior Spotlight-Stephanie McCoy

Stephanie has spent three years at Lowell Jr/Sr. High School, and she is our Senior in the Spotlight.  Her activities were Leadership, Homecoming, and the Prom Dances (2019-2020).  One of the funniest things that happened was in Mr. Farrier’s Physics class in her junior year. He was making a demonstration on the board, and we all made up a story about a bicyclist and squirrel competing. No wonder Mr. Farrier is Stephanie’s favorite teacher. He was always able to see the way she thought and made it easier for me to understand concepts in math that she always struggled with in the past. He was the most understanding yet down-to-earth teacher she had.  When she leaves the high school she said she would miss her Leadership class, the Community, and dance projects. She also has some advice for underclassmen:  Don’t shut off the rest of your life just for school. Keep your relationships with friends because you’ll need them to make every day better.  Her plans after graduation include saving for her own house and eventually find a non-profit to work for, so she can help the community.  Her future career aspirations is to become an emergency services’ dispatcher.  She also wanted to say good bye to all her teachers, especially Ms. Cassie and Mr. Farrier.