Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Julia Donnell

Today we are seeing Julia Donnell in the Senior Spotlight! Julia has attended the Lowell School District for the past nine years. Julia has participated in a variety of activities at Lowell including drama, band, choir, LINK CREW, ASB, Nerd […]

Senior Spotlight: Mason Wendt

The Senior Spotlight finds Mason Wendt! Mason joined the Lowell School District six years ago. He participated in football, basketball, baseball, leadership, LINK CREW, and many activities and projects with his church. Mr. Wendt’s best memories were of the trips […]

Senior Spotlight: Ali Zaniroli

Ali Zaniroli is in the Senior Spotlight today! Ali has been a student at Lowell for the last four years of her academic career. Ali’s best memories were playing softball and having some good laughs with her friends at school […]

Senior Spotlight: Justin Corp

Senior Spotlight shines on Justin Corp! Justin has attended Lowell School District for four years and participated on the football, wrestling and baseball teams. His fondest memories were playing football with the boys. Justin loved having Mr. Todd for a […]

Senior Spotlight: Miranda Allen

We are shining the Senior Spotlight on Miranda Allen! Ms. Allen joined the Lowell senior class this year and has been a welcome addition to the graduating class of 2019. This year she has participated in Leadership Class and National […]

Senior Spotlight: Orren Carter

Senior Spotlight shines brightly for Orren Carter! Orren has been a student at Lowell for 12 years. He has been very active at the school participating in TAG, Link Crew, National Honor Society, and being the “voice of LHS” with […]

Senior Spotlight: Mackenzie Smith

Shining a Senior Spotlight on Mackenzie Smith! Mackenzie is a long-time Lowell School District student attending from preschool through 12th grade. Mackenzie has been active in track, cross country, volleyball, basketball, and softball. She has also helped with events at […]

Senior Spotlight: Tanner Hilterbrant

Today our Senior Spotlight is on Tanner Hilterbrant! Tanner has completed his senior year of high school with Lowell School District and has participated in boys’ volleyball and was food service judge representing Lowell students in Salem. He will miss […]

Senior Spotlight: Megan Rasmusson

Shining the Senior Spotlight on Megan Rasmusson! Megan has been as student in the Lowell school district from Kindergarten to her high school graduation. She has participated in choir, dance, drama, and summer science camp. Her best memories include singing […]

Senior Spotlight: Kent McIntosh

Senior Spotlight on Kent McIntosh! Kent joined the Lowell family three years ago. He has been active in football, baseball, and wrestling. Kent says that he has so many good Lowell memories that there are too many to choose from. […]